About Us

We are a small business (husband and wife team) dedicated to providing a high-quality coffee experience for each of our customers. We want to deliver quality from the ordering process all the way to your kitchen! If you ever experience anything short of excellence, please let us know.

My wife Penny and I have both been career Sailors in the US Navy and that is where our love of coffee began. In the not so distant past, we were like the masses, buying the "specialty coffees" from our local grocer and failing to acknowledge that we were just supporting large corporations and stale commercialized coffee. After some research, we learned that there was so much more enjoyment and satisfaction that comes from a fresh-roasted small batch of coffee. Once educated, we decided to start ordering our coffees, so we could get a much fresher product and support smaller businesses. However, we found that some businesses take up to a week to send the product out and another week for the low-cost mail service. And they were very expensive! We decided that we wanted to change that model. So, we are excited to bring you premium Arabica beans, roasted after you order, and shipped via USPS Priority so you can enjoy exceptional coffee at its peak of freshness! 

We have also held down costs because we know how important every dollar is to a working family. Our coffees could sell for more, especially since they come in one pound bags, but we have priced to allow for everyone to purchase and enjoy one of the finer things in life! 

Thanks for stopping by and Welcome Aboard!

Also, if you really enjoy flavored coffees, please check out Penny’s site Seaside Coffee.