FUBAR Card Game

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FUBAR Card Game
FUBAR Card Game

Are you on active duty? A veteran? A curious civilian with a dark side? If you answered yes to any of these questions then FUBAR is the game for you! Take it to parties, on deployments, or anywhere else you want some good to barely-legal fun.

FUBAR is an irreverent, military-themed party game guaranteed to make you lose friends and create enemies. The base game includes cards from all military services but is inclusive enough for civilians to join in the terrible fun.

Each set includes 130 prompt cards and 310 answer cards. Just in case you were having a problem figuring out how to add beverage consumption into your gameplay in an organized fashion, you'll get a free copy of FUBAR- America's Favorite Drinking Game, which adds competition, treachery, and beverage consumption into every game.

FUBAR was created by the team at War Games LLC, a collective of veteran writers from the military satire website Duffel Blog and their funniest friends from every branch of the service. The game was launched through an incredibly successful Kickstarter which funded at six times the needed level, and is now available for your entertainment pleasure! 

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