What does your coffee cup say about you?

Donald Wingard

I wouldn’t say that my wife and I are hoarders of coffee cups, but we have A LOT of them! Seriously, we have one cabinet full of them and more packed away in boxes. What’s not to love about a coffee cup though? It holds your favorite beverage, has a handle to keep you from burning your hands, and usually has something on it that reflects a bit about who you are. Maybe it is a cup from a favorite business, a theme park that you and the family love, a sports team, your college, your business or organization, and the list goes on. Frankly, I have a hard time choosing which one I want to use in the morning. It’s usually one of my Texas Longhorns cups…because I freakin’ love the Longhorns…and burnt orange!

I do love those one-of-a-kind porcelain masterpieces that you see in the cool boutiques too, but I’d be afraid to use those. I want something that is cool but is also replaceable.

You also have to match the cup to the mission. If I plan to hang out at the house in my bathrobe and warm slippers, the classic coffee cup is the best bet, preferably 11oz or bigger. If I plan to be away from my precious coffee pot for an extended period of time (think road trip), I want one of our indestructible 30oz behemoths that will keep my coffee hot and carry enough to keep me from strangling people!

What does your cup say about you? Which one is your favorite? And why? 

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